Personal and property protection service

Physical protection consists in a permanent protection of the object transferred [ ... ]

for protection and is carried out by a physical protection employee.

This type of service is designed to:

  1. ensure full safety of protected persons and / or property
  2. in justified cases of intervention by employees of protection against persons and events that pose a direct threat to life, health and property;
  3. determination and verification of entitlements to stay in protected facilities, for persons or movable property
  4. give first aid before medical emergency
  5. striving to reduce the negative effects of random events, dysfunctions, and natural disasters

The detailed scope of duties and rights of security staff is determined individually for each client and for each facility separately. The client specifies in an unambiguous manner and required by him the scope and type of protection and other terms of cooperation.

We protect objects regardless of their location, nature or surface.

We create dedicated protection systems for companies regardless of their size or the nature of their operations.

Our clients will include, among others: housing communities, small and medium-sized enterprises, large industrial facilities, warehouses, etc.

We have specialist equipment, a team of highly qualified employees - thanks to this we undertake tasks of a high level of difficulty and simple orders of protection.

Each time we adjust the design of the security system and the alarm system to the specificity of the facility, adapted to the current as well as potential threats and individual requirements of each client.